Lush & Lang Florists

Lush & Lang’s old site was suffering from massive performance issues, taking between 30 seconds and 1 minute to load the home page. The problem was the photographs.

With seemingly no image reductions or optimisations prior to upload, the images were bloated, wallowing on the server in an oversized, uncompressed format. For new visitors without a local cache of the files, downloading these super-sized images from server to browser was therefore agonisingly slow – a similar predicament, perhaps, to the bulging form of Augustus Gloop struggling to squeeze down the famous chocolate factory pipes. It was clear our solution had to resolve this!

By applying various image optimisations in Photoshop and implementing a ‘lazy load’ function, the site speed, and thus the user experience, is now significantly improved.

Additionally, beyond speed enhancements, we also gave the site a full design makeover. Removing the hard-to-read fonts and an ocean of beige, the new design features clear headings, clean areas of premium white-space and decorations of warm, floral accents throughout.

Overall, the site now exudes a beautiful elegance, underscoring the high-end floral services on offer and positioning Lush & Lang Florists as a five-star brand.

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