Formerly Micro Metalsmiths, the old Sylatech site was suffering from heavy bloat due to the numerous patches and ‘quick-fix’ solutions offered by previous design firms. As such, maintaining it and adding new content was a veritable nightmare. As within so without, this tangled backend manifested in an equally clumsy and confusing frontend experience for customers.

Overall, Sylatech’s brand image, summed up in the progressive tagline ‘Engineering Your Future’, was being severely compromised by an underperforming site, both structurally and aesthetically.

Reluctant to implement yet another ‘quick-fix’, our solution was to provide a new site, built from the ground up.

This extensive but necessary task allowed us to implement a far simplified site structure and framework for organising the considerable list of services and machine parts. The result is a clean and sharp user interface for customers and an organised backend that makes content updates a breeze and will keep the site maintainable for years to come. Primarily, the new site aligns Sylatech once again with it’s tagline and positions them as a modern, competitive brand.

Furthermore, the strength of the new site structure has benefitted Sylatech with a far stronger foundation upon which to lay their long term SEO strategies.