Whitby Yachts

In the client’s own words, the unique style of yacht on sale by Whitby Yachts was designed to be the safest, toughest and most economical, easily handled by a couple with no need for crew. Specifically, retired couples wishing to explore the world.

For any website showcasing products, current trends dictate they be spattered with social media links and intrusive email marketing popups. However, with the intended audience of Whitby Yachts being older, this would have been inappropriate.

At the risk of sounding patronising, the reality is older generations tend to be less tech-savvy than younger internet users. Therefore the site needed to be easy to use with very few distractions. Furthermore, it also had to appeal to people who could afford to buy luxury items such as a yacht.

Therefore the website is designed to be simple and smart. It has a straightforward menu system fixed to the left side of the site for easy access. It’s also infused with a subtle elegance, including the royal blue colour scheme, golden accents and the graceful appearance of the on-page headings.

Perhaps then it’s no surprise that in the early days of the website’s launch there has already been serious interest from potential buyers. A successful project all round!

ClientAndrew WhalleyServicesWeb DesignYear2017Linkwhitbyyachts.com