Forwarding domain name emails to your personal Gmail account is a common practice. When set up correctly it helps to reduce the time required to check through all your messages while still presenting a professional appearance to clients.

However, in recent weeks, messages from business emails and associated website contact forms that would usually appear in the Gmail inbox may have begun landing in Spam. It’s unclear the exact reason, possibly due to a tightening of security from Gmail.

Nevertheless, there is an easy way to fix it. If you are experiencing the same thing, follow the instructions below to rectify this.

Setting up a Gmail filter

  1. Log in to Gmail

Open a web browser and navigate to and sign in using your credentials (you may find it automatically logs in)

  1. Go to Settings

Click the little cog icon in the top right of the inbox and then hit 'Settings'

  1. Click the 'Filters and Blocked Addresses' tab

  1. Click 'Create a new filter'

It's near the bottom of any incoming mail filters you may already have set up

  1. Enter the domain to filter

In the from field, type: @your-domain. Obviously 'your-domain' is the address of your site or domain email.

For example, to filter all mail from this domain, I would type

Then click 'Create filter with this search'

  1. Check 'Never send it to Spam'

Once checked, click 'Create filter'

That’s it. A filter has now been created that should ensure any domain name emails will now be filtered into your inbox, never spam.